Phases of the Adult Life Journey

“I am not bound to win, I am bound to be true, I am not bound to succeed, I am bound to live up to the light I have.” Abraham Lincoln Change is an inevitable fact of the adult life journey. We are continually adjusting to the changes we have made for ourselves or the […]

Six Life Coaching Myths

Life Coaches Tell You What to Do and Give Advice A professional life coach does not tell you what to do or give advice.  There are no magic formulas. A good life coach works with you to identify your goals and establish a plan to achieve them. Your coach will then help you develop strategies […]

More About Life Coaching

What differentiates life coaching from other forms of coaching is that it acknowledges that all facets of life are interrelated when we formulate and prioritize goals for achievement. In order to identify our priority goals we may need to evaluate the balance of life as it exists for us across a number of dimensions such […]

StartAnew Values

Self-directed: A person or group receiving coaching services has the right to lead, control, exercise choice and determine their own priorities. StartAnew optimizes autonomy, independence and control of the resources to achieve self-determination. Responsible: StartAnew supports personal responsibility for self-care and for creating the future. Taking steps towards achieving goals requires courage. StartAnew encourages you to […]

What to Look for in a Coach

People who are looking for a professional coach often rely on: referral, reputation, credentials, or marketing profile. This helps but cannot be the whole story. Do we know what we are looking for in a coach when we meet with him or her for the first time? How can we tell if a coach is […]

Coaching Nerds

Another emerging leader in the new leadership paradigm of the 21st Century is the nerd otherwise known as the creative. Nerds often start professional life as technical specialists or people with a particular passion for an idea or a product. Unlike the Narcissist who makes chaos to promote his or her own interests, the nerd […]

The New Leadership Buzz Words?

Are “caring” and “humility” the New Leadership Buzz Words? A recent report from Harvard Graduate School of Education titled Making Caring Common ( talks about the need to foster human kindness, authentic intellectual engagement and service to others in our best and brightest students, the leaders of tomorrow. The report rails against a culture of individual over […]

The Toxic Leader

So much of coaching is about helping people to deal with the effects of toxic leadership. Those who have experienced a toxic corporate culture at its worst, know what one looks like and the inevitable role of the toxic leader. A bit like Tolstoy’s unhappy family, every dysfunctional corporate culture is toxic in its own […]

Moving From Boss to Coach

When organisations and their partners participate in coaching training together, the culture spreads like a social epidemic. In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, a new paradigm is emerging: Leader as coach.  It is boom time for coaching right now, evident in increasing numbers of people seeking out self help, leadership, performance, business and […]

How Present Are You?

Leadership presence is both convincing and reassuring for those who experience a person who can light up a room by just being there, present an inspiring speech or simply make a person feel really heard for the first time. How similar or different is this quality to good old fashioned charisma? Why do we talk […]