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At StartAnew we believe that leadership starts with you. You’re the architect of your life. If you’re ready for leadership, a career change or to redesign your life, coaching could be the next step for you.

Today’s uncertain and chaotic world has given us an important invitation. We’ve been asked to dive a little deeper and consider what is it that we truly want? What’s important to us? Are we really aligned between who we think we are and the work that we do professionally? If not, what are we going to do about it?

Having a values-led, congruent inner and outer life is key to having a satisfying, creative, fulfilled life. Coaching is the step to achieve this congruence.

As an individual, StartAnew empowers you to improve your self-awareness, identify blockages, and unlock your innate creativity and resourcefulness to respond to change or make change happen. We help you grow into the authentic person you aspire to be.

Tailored Programs: Build Your Future

Life, Health and Wellness and Leadership Coaching programs are provided on-line or in-person. Supported every step of the way, you complete your program with a Personal and Professional Development Life Plan (PPLP).

Your individual coaching package is 6-10 sessions. Choose one of the 3 options below:

  • Life Coaching
  • Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching


For your Individual Coaching program, choose one of the 3 options below:

Life Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching

Life Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching

Life Coaching

StartAnew’s life-coaching programs are personalised to focus on enriching the way you live, navigating specific life transitions be it mid-life career change, a new baby, retirement or redundancy. Whatever challenges you are facing, we are here to help. 

We spend time exploring your values, who you are, your authentic aspirations and what you’d like your future to be. Together, we identify any blockers and forms of resistance that hold you back.

Informed by this exploration, you develop a Personal and Professional Development Life Plan (PPLP) by the end of your program.

Leadership Coaching

Are you preparing your workforce to be ‘fit for purpose’ and better face the challenges that today’s world presents? A more diverse, more inclusive, more agile and flexible workforce helps you to make decisions faster and better. Executive Leadership Coaching optimally positions you to lead the workforce of the future. 


 The Emerging Leaders program supports you to become an effective new leader. By helping you define your leadership style and develop new skills and strategies, clear goals are set for your professional development aligned with your values. 


StartAnew works with you on the strategic mindset, attitudinal and behavioural change and need for greater wellbeing needed to respond to rapid global change, virtual workplaces, international communications, innovation, the knowledge economy and fostering human relationships as central to higher productivity.

Health and Wellness

More than half of what impacts your life and leadership capability is your lifestyle. The way you live your life, your relationships, your sense of wellbeing determines your level of health and the way you experience your life. There is growing awareness that people need an ally to work with because health and wellness is a very individual matter.


In our Lifestyle Change Program, we bring you psychotherapy and a trauma informed approach utilising the latest in evidence-based research to enhance your lifestyle.  We help you become the best version of yourself. We offer a range of individualised specialties including: Mindfulness, Deep relaxation and Somatic therapies, Behavioural therapies, Emotional Regulation, Distress Tolerance and Creative therapy.


This individual program can be offered in conjunction with other coaching or as a standalone. You will be given highly personalised one:one attention.


At StartAnew, we also consider that health and wellness is a collective and global responsibility.  As leaders we need to bring our best self to work and to assist others to experience the impact of a supportive and productive working environment. We work with teams and organisations on how to create a bespoke strategy for maximising a healthy workplace.  This is about the lifestyle of the organisation: the work environment, the ways of communicating, the attention to the individual, creating the opportunities for innovation, the holistic understanding of people and their impact on each other.


If your team or organisation is experiencing low morale, has lost its mojo, is starting to show signs of stress, have a chat about Resilience Training, Building a Healthy Workplace, Diversity and Inclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about designing your desired future life with Coaching?

A lot of people go through decades of their life largely unaware of what is shaping them. We are influenced by core beliefs about our limitations that stop us in our tracks. We never get the chance to fully realise our talents due to inner narratives that are self-defeating. There comes a time when we realise that we have lost our way: we are living the life of another person’s dreams, or the life others expected of us.

Start Anew offers a Life coaching program designed to open your eyes to your authentic desires in every part of your life. We facilitate an immense inner journey into and out of the abyss to meet your edges, to embrace your potential. After this process is complete you are ready to step into the future.

A life transition or career change at 40 or at 50 is a common occurrence – far more widespread today than we realise. At this time of life, there is an inner process at work. It’s one where we assess our successes and failures, harvest our life’s learnings and prioritise what’s most important to us. Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching can help equip you to make the best of your experiences, skills, learn new personal skills – and most of all – support you to see any blind spots that you hold which prevent you from finding new or previously unconsidered opportunities.

StartAnew most certainly assists your new start-up by tailoring its organisational offerings to suit your business and leadership coaching needs. We offer you far more than a set of new professional development opportunities. 

If you are looking to start up your first business we can offer you a one-stop-shop system as to support your authentic personal and professional leadership development. To support congruent growth, we work on your business planning process and connect you to state of the art brand leadership.

When navigating life transitions, be they personal (such as divorce, death, ageing parents) or professional (new business, retirement, redundancy or how to change careers), your internal resourcing is your greatest ally and asset. Identifying your stage of change is a first step in the process. You may be in the doldrums and simply don’t know what needs to change. You may be contemplating change but not “ready” for action or ready to go but unclear of the plan.

Whatever your stage of change, Start Anew empowers you to take charge of your life. Many times, we think we don’t have the inner resources to change and that it’s all happening outside us, so we fall into states of learned helplessness. It’s a compelling turnaround when we can see differently, and we can shift our experience in this way.

Having a Life Coach there to work with you when you embark upon a new journey, such as a change of career, is an investment in having authentic, transparent, and accountable support. You’re able to better discover what it is in your life that isn’t sitting well for you because you’re supported to see your blind spots and the opportunities you might have missed. You can then be guided to discover what your new and preferred future might look like. StartAnew will help you identify transferable skills, prepare for your new career and achieve your goals so much easier.

If you’re considering quitting your job there are a number of functional steps that need to be taken beforehand. The first step is to take the time and space to know yourself in the workplace and to dig deeper as to ‘why’ you want to quit your job. If your workplace is toxic or you are being bullied or you have simply outgrown your current position, being clear about the reasons for quitting and what you have learned is critical. Once you gain this level of clarity, you need to consider what your desired future looks like – where would you most like to go? Only then you can design a plan according to where you’re going, rather than focusing on what you’re moving away from. This will empower you to leave your job and exit your organisation in a way that retains integrity and builds trust in yourself.

Want Coaching for Your Team or Organisation?

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