About StartAnew & Principal Coach & Consultant, Karen Freedman

Do you feel there is a gaping hole between where you are now and where you desire to be in the future? Are you out of sync with your current situation or desired future self? If so, you’re in the right place. Read on...

Founder of StartAnew

My Personal Invitation to You

As a Coach and Trusted Advisor, I work with you or your team and organisation to open the door to new perspectives and self-awareness in order to take action for a better world. 

 You know when you are stuck in the doldrums personally, professionally, in your team or organisation, you want to change, but don’t know where to start?  What if reinvention for the future is understood as achieving sustainable personal, professional and organisational capacities to transform yourself, the lives of others and ultimately your world?

We are living in times of rapid change in our social, cultural and personal environments.  This can lead us to seek refuge in the same old routines and behaviours that are not working anymore.  We are stuck in the past or in our present dilemmas but cannot ‘see’ the future.  My invitation to you is action-oriented and solution focused.  We work together on envisaging the future to move forward and StartAnew.

My Commitment to You

As the Founder of StartAnew, it’s my deep commitment to help facilitate your personal life transitions or growth for your team or organisation within a strong, evidence-based framework coupled with trust, empathy and integrity.

I’ve Been a Senior Leader in Private and Public Sectors

I am a professional Executive and Life Coach, based in Canberra, who works online and in-person.  I’ve enjoyed a senior career in public health policy, research and evaluation, counselling and workforce development.  Having worked around the world in many different contexts, I have a deep understanding of the wide human landscape that both brims with joy and is filled with challenge.

My Mission

My mission is to support you, your team or organisation towards authentic, holistic, purposeful, personal and professional transformation: in leadership, career development, organisational development, in your family, in your life.

A Well-resourced Tool Box

I’ve worked with senior managers, executives and their teams in the private and public sectors. I combine my skills in coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, systems analysis, policy development, research and evaluation, with intuitive insight to facilitate healthy, insightful and purposeful living. No “one size fits all” approach.

The Future Starts with Today’s Imagining

Imagining your Desired Future Self is the first step in a journey of life design filled with meaning and purpose. My focus is to build a strong relationship and to partner with you, so you’re led by your innate abilities, strengths, creativity and resourcefulness. That way, you embody an image of your desired life and take the necessary steps to realise it.

The Professional Is Personal

StartAnew’s coaching and consultancy fosters priorities for healthy and productive personal and professional relationships. I am guided by values of inclusivity and diversity, that balance family life and work, care for self, career development, and leadership and high performance. I provide services within a holistic life coaching framework. 

Respect for Your Context

With a deep respect for your context – social history, culture and personal interactions – and how these have shaped your life, I partner with you to see beyond any outgrown narratives which no longer serve you.

 Collaborating virtually or in person we give full scope to the power of imagination and intellect to envisage, reinvent and ultimately, to StartAnew.

Come join us.

Highly Qualified & Extensively Experienced

Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 2013- 2016

Australian College of Applied Psychology
Areas studied: Constructivist therapies, psychodynamic therapies, person centered approaches, strengths based approaches, trauma and grief, mental health counseling, counseling in diversity.

Master of Science (MSc), Public Health 2002 – 2008

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London
Areas studied: Public health systems analysis, environmental health, health economics, poverty alleviation, community development, health performance and evaluation, research design, management and analysis.

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Philosophy, H1 1983 – 1988

The Australian National University
Graduated with First Class Honours with a Double major in Philosophy. Majors and sub-majors in Psychology and Sociology.

Certifications & Associations

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