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To ensure that your organisation is well-prepared for the future of work in the 21st century, StartAnew supports your Executive leadership teams to navigate a rapidly changing, increasingly uncertain and technologically disrupted world with high capabilities.

Workplaces are currently integrating new ways of working resulting from recent turbulence. The rapid re-prioritisation of ‘how’ we work has demanded immediate solutions for remote staff, new digitised tools; an enlarged mandate to support employee well-being; a hybrid workforce and a lot more.

The core shift in today’s workplaces has been from managing the employee experience to managing the life experience of their employees (Harvard Business Review, 2021). 

StartAnew supports organisations, online or in person, who need highly experienced facilitation to integrate and navigate these levels of complexity and particularly to manage the life experience of their teams and design productive, congruent, high performing workplaces of the future. 

Tailored Programs for Organisational Change

Our three online and in-person tailored Organisational Development, Building Skills & Capacities, Change Management coaching programs are action-oriented, solution and future focused.

For your facilitated Organisational Change program, choose one of the options below:

Organisational Development

Building Skills & Capacities

Change Management

Organisational Development

Building Skills & Capacities

Change Management

Organisational Development

The future of work has arrived. As organisations adjust to the urgent demands of defining new sets of strategic post-Covid priorities that relate to the changing nature of work, they must also engage with how they derive value from their financial, human and technological capital. 

To thrive (and not just survive) in a rapidly changing world, organisations must have strong alignment in their purpose, environmental, social and governance mandates alongside their core business of generating revenue or administering governmental policy.

StartAnew’s Organisational Development programs address these complexities to support leaders attain a state of mindful leadership so they build high performing teams and increase confidence in team members.

Building Skills & Capacities

Authentic, mindful leaders engender productive emotional and psychological responses from their teams and organisations. This yields increased individual and team performance, which ultimately builds business returns and better service delivery.

In the Building Skills & Capacities Program, StartAnew coaches executives and leaders in the C-suite to grow high performing teams and build leadership pipelines. This includes increasing leaders’ abilities to retain talent and proactively address performance issues when they arise. Radically shifting away from reward and punishment systems of interaction with teams, we encourage active engagement with teams so they are genuinely purpose-driven and motivated. 

Change Management

Leaders in most organisations have not yet caught up with the challenges of today’s fast-changing digitisation. Organisations in the digital economy require a completely different set of skills and knowledge to those in more traditional bureaucracies. 

New technologies are transforming the workplace as well as expectations of employees. Additionally, organisations have morphed into distributed/blended workforces. 

StartAnew assists leaders and their teams to navigate these new worlds of work by addressing how organisations can successfully change and accommodate new ways of working and being able to foster meaningful diversity in thinking styles, skills and talent. Our Change Management approach is grounded in a deep understanding of the maturity and capability of the leadership cohort’s ability to respond with confidence to the challenges it faces and to step into the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about how we support organisational change?  

StartAnew’s partnership with you is about sustainability and growth for your organisation and your people. We focus on developing the organisation systemically, honouring the learning needs of your people and the capabilities required to implement change.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest questions today we’re asked by organisations is how to recover from burnout? 

Constantly “busy” and tech connected, working long hours, juggling family and work, sitting too long at your desk, eating on the run – these factors all contribute to mental burnout.  Ongoing stress leads to chronic health problems, low productivity, decreased motivation and energy and eventually burnout.  If the organisation cannot creatively address these challenges in the long term, a vicious circle arises.  StartAnew helps organisations deal with burnout by fostering resilience and motivation so individuals and teams work in healthier ways.

At StartAnew we foster a healthy, safe and supportive environment for organisational, personal and professional growth by promoting human capital.  Wellness coaching services can be provided to assist organisations to position themselves for increased productivity and innovation. A healthy environment is psychologically safe, less risk averse where people are more likely to be creative and come up with innovative solutions.  Start Anew uses a range of self-assessment tools, motivational mapping, the PR6 Resilience Scale and focus groups to conduct regular psychological health and innovation checks in your organisation.

Workplace wellbeing is an optimal state of physical, emotional, intellectual and psychological health where all people can be their best at whatever level of the organisation. Essential ingredients of workplace well-being are exceptional leadership, engagement and motivation of teams, and promoting diversity and inclusion. StartAnew’s purpose is to help organisations be and stay well, make a difference, be creative, serve the planet and change the world towards a better future. Wellness coaching  is one component of a holistic approach to organisational development. 

StartAnew’s investment in our clients’ organisational success is created through highly personalised relationships, not a ‘one size fits all’ methodology. We have a deep respect for our clients’ context of social history and culture while sensitively fostering future perspectives. In our experience, organisations that seek out diversity, including divergent thinking styles, are well placed to avoid career burnout syndrome and stimulate creativity. and innovation. Careers then remain vibrant, people can let go of outgrown narratives which no longer serve them and design a new future.

The advent of COVID means that traversing work and home is the new ‘normal’. This has opened an in-between space for the personal and professional.  In our new workplaces, we have privileged access to our colleagues’ worlds. 

 Wellness programs at work and at home are now being requested by the smartest leaders to address the uncertainty and challenges of the new world of work. Not everyone has a luxurious or optimal environment in which to live and work. People can feel isolated and alone. 

StartAnew focuses on supporting people to live and perform at their best wherever they are. We shine a spotlight on self-care, mindfulness, emotional regulation when working remotely or in the office.

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