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Health & Wellness

Do you want to take charge of your health and wellness? Learn to tap into your potential for self-regulation, develop healthy habits, and practise self-awareness.

Life Transitions

Overwhelmed by what life throws at you? Do you want to revitalise your lifestyle? Build on your strengths and resilience to address life’s major challenges.


Do you want to make a change in your life? Assess your readiness for change, identify blockages, overcome obstacles, and take action.


Looking to improve your motivation and achieve better results? Find ways to improve relationships, build a team, identify priorities and move forward.


Looking to advance your career or start a new one? Ensure you have identified the right strategy and skills for the job of your dreams.

Karen Freedman

Karen Freedman

Principal Coach

Everyone is different

Personalised coaching services for individuals and groups.

Everyone is unique with their own values, learning styles, history, aspirations and dreams.  Evidence shows that the best outcomes in coaching come from an excellent coaching relationship.  There are no quick fix tools or formulas.  We work with you to develop a program that caters to your individual needs and goals in a confidential and private setting.

While the focus is on individuals we work with groups who are interested to understand how they can work or live together more creatively and productively by relinquishing tired, outmoded patterns of interaction.

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Be exceptional in your life

Life coaching empowers you with the skills and strategies to be exceptional in your life. Being exceptional is not about competition with others. It’s about settings realistic goals and taking actions that build on your skills and strengths. It is about challenging yourself to live in alignment with your values.

Life confronts us with many challenges. By taking stock and appropriately managing your health, performance at work, career plan or major life transitions, you can make the best of the gifts and resources available to you in life.

StartAnew is a professional life coaching business, serving Canberra and the surrounding region. We also provide services nationally and internationally.

Change is not easy, but a little bit of help from a Life Coach can make a big difference.

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