Life Coach & Executive Leadership Coaching for Personal & Professional Growth

Services: A Holistic Blend of Life, Leadership & Wellness Support Including Resilience Training and Career Coaching

In respecting your unique values, learning style and history, be assured that you’ll be highly supported by StartAnew to map out and implement a robust transformational journey to achieve your goals.  

StartAnew’s programs for individuals, teams and organisations are specifically tailored to meet your aspirations and needs in confidential and private settings.

Our leadership approach unites the skills of a wellness coach, life coach, career coach and psychology to develop a foundation of trust and a unique pathway to personal and professional growth. At StartAnew you’re the authentic leader of your journey and you’ll be held accountable with diligent care. 

What Best Suits You Right Now?







Individual Coaching

Our Individual Coaching programs are tailored for whole-of-life growth and to build a stronger foundation for personal and professional development.

Step into the Future is a Life Coaching program supporting life transitions. You reflect on all facets of your life including building relationships, your career, family and health and wellness. We honour your unique aspirations, help you to manage change and address resistance as you plot your future in a Life Plan.

Stepping Up for Leadership is designed for Emerging Leaders, transitioning from management or specialist roles to leadership positions. You will focus on leading and motivating teams, resilience training, communication and conflict resolution and get to develop a Personal Career Development Plan.

Taking Leadership to the Next Level is for Executive Leaders. The Classic Intensive is a bespoke 12-month coaching program for seasoned leaders wishing to move out of their comfort zone. Issues covered can include strategic leadership, leading structural and cultural change, building presence, workforce development, and diversity and inclusion. Your Professional and Personal Executive Plan is designed for your needs.

Lifestyle Change is a Health and Wellness Program designed to partner with you and your family, your Team or Organisation to build a robust, resilient lifestyle system that maximizes your health and wellbeing including capacity to manage daily stressors, address lifestyle transition, optimize your sense of well-being. This program is a specialised service utilising the latest evidence-based techniques in psychotherapy and coaching.

Highly Engaged Teams

This program is designed to build thriving workplace teams that are strongly engaged, connected, collaborative, motivated, high performing, healthy and happy. The outcomes of performance coaching for teams are happier, more agile, respectful and productive workplaces, with a focus on translating corporate objectives for your team into workable realities on the ground.

As a leader, you will learn how to motivate teams, establish psychological safety, facilitate effective communication, build rapport and healthy work relationships. We explore what makes a highly productive team; use Motivational Mapping to identify your team’s key motivators and strengths; how to lead with emotional intelligence and improve the workplace with the latest in health and wellbeing. You will learn about leadership communication and being able to tailor your messages to your audiences and understand differences in communication style.

Thriving Organisations

The programs designed for organisations address the complexities that our volatile work landscape demands. Adapting to a workforce under constant pressure of uncertainty and rising expenses requires that both organisations and employees equip themselves with new capabilities, develop more resilience, foster diversity and inclusion and harness the advantages of remote work. 

Our bespoke programs support organisations to develop best practices in executive communication and engagement, embed innovation and create healthier communities. In this way they are well-placed to boost productivity, lead their sector and increase business returns.

Meet Karen Freedman,
Founder of StartAnew

Karen Freedman works with individuals, teams and organisations who seek to improve their personal and professional life including their relationships, lifestyle, leadership and career development, job performance in the workplace, and health and wellness.

A certified coach with the Life Coaching Institute of Australia Karen is accredited in advanced organisational coaching with the Global Coaching Institute. She holds postgraduate qualifications in public health, counselling and psychotherapy and is a member of the International Coaching Federation and Australian Counselling Association. She has over 25 years’ experience working extensively with leaders and experts in senior positions in the health, community, and education sectors locally, nationally and internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about taking charge of your direction, as well as health and wellness?

Many people find that lifestyle change is an area where they have experienced multiple setbacks. Quitting smoking, losing weight, getting enough sleep, eating junk food are seen as the individual’s burden. In reality, we are facing a chronic disease epidemic as a result of damaging lifestyles at a global and collective level. Start Anew has years of experience in preventive health, aged care, substance use and health systems change. With Start Anew, you will experience bespoke lifestyle change programs at the level of individual, collective and global responsibilities. It is not all about you! As a parent, as a CEO, as a team leader, as a member of the community we can make a difference in our spheres of influence. We can make change for ourselves and use our knowledge to build healthy family dynamics, healthy organisations and healthy communities.

At Start Anew we begin with your endpoint in mind even if it is difficult to articulate at first. The change process is not linear or necessarily clear. Powerful questions help you to dig deep to find your purpose and direction in life. Your goals evolve as you gain access to your inner resources. Health and wellness is the foundational state that allows you to engage with the changes you seek. If you are sleeping, eating and exercising, your body is well primed to cope with the stressors of making a change. If you are healthy yourself, you have the capacity to create a healthy workplace, family and community with healthy relationships. It is so much easier to work together to support change.  By starting with the individual, Start Anew empowers you to see how you can make a difference to yourself and others.

Professional growth that has the cornerstone of inclusive leadership for self and others. Leadership includes mindfulness, authenticity, collaboration, empathy, an ability to listen and be vulnerable. Ultimately, you’re wanting to achieve congruence between your ‘inner’ life and ‘outer world’. In looking for a life coach, look out for these characteristics:


A life coach listens to you and honours your experience.

A life coach helps you to identify your values and goals

A life coach asks powerful questions and offers tools for self-exploration

A life coach is solution focussed and future oriented but does not tell you what to do. This is your life.

A life coach taps into your resources. You are the leader of your life.

A Life coach creates a safe environment for you to explore without judgement

A life coach respects your privacy and confidentiality at all times 

A life coach is qualified and a member of the International Coaching Federation

Overwhelmed by what life throws at you? If you wish to revitalise your lifestyle with resilience training, it sounds a lot more attractive and highly do-able. Acknowledge and grow your strengths as the first step in building resilience to address life’s major challenges.

There is a tendency to think of resilience as innate when it is a learned skill for most of us.  Resilience training helps us to be clearer about what matters most, where our strengths lie, what is holding us back and how to deal with stressors in our daily life. The effects of stress are cumulative. Likewise, the habits you learn to build resilience are cumulative. You will be surprised what the science says about simple things you can do every day to build your resilience muscle. StartAnew’s resilience training starts with a personalised self-assessment tool about your level of stress and response to stress.  We build a plan for addressing your stressful world and strategies for going forward.

Yes. A Life Coach is most effective when they are also a health and wellness coach. Being healthy and well should be your first focus in life. Cliched but true, if you lose your health, you have very little.  Learn to tap into your potential for self-regulation, develop more healthy habits, and practise self-awareness for greater wellness. If you need to do more, we offer you a Health and Wellness Plan as an adjunct to your Life Plan.

If you’re looking to advance your career or start a new one, ensure you have identified the right strategy and skills for the job. Engaging quality, reputable career consulting services such as StartAnew will assist you to fast track your goals, help you prepare for the change, see your blind spots and identify opportunities you might not have considered. We coordinate and partner with recruitment agencies and head hunters to search for and secure the job of your dreams.

Learn more about how to see your potential, understand new priorities and define a path forward.