StartAnew Values

Self-directed: A person or group receiving coaching services has the right to lead, control, exercise choice and determine their own priorities. StartAnew optimizes autonomy, independence and control of the resources to achieve self-determination.

Responsible: StartAnew supports personal responsibility for self-care and for creating the future. Taking steps towards achieving goals requires courage. StartAnew encourages you to give meaning to your experiences, take the initiative and identify your own processes to make change happen.

Individualized or person centered: You have the opportunity to choose from a range of coaching options. No “one size fits all”. StartAnew tailors programs according to your individual needs.

Connected: Coaching can encompass a person’s whole life, including the mind, body, spirit and community. All elements of life are considered: employment, education, family, relationships, community, creativity, finances, health and wellbeing.

Creative: StartAnew focuses on building agility, multiple capacities, talents, coping strategies to address challenges and identify opportunities as they arise. Increasing self-awareness enables the individual to learn from experience and recognize that positive change is possible.

Strengths-based: By building on key strengths, a person can leave behind stymied life roles to engage in new roles (e.g. leader, student, employer etc), develop new relationships (e.g. partner, mother, care giver etc), and learn new ways forward through life’s challenges.

Life long learning: The coaching relationship values trust, hope, persistence, curiosity and continual learning as keys to change.

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