Adjust Your Leadership Style

The Extended DISC

Improve your leadership by following the four-step Extended DISC management system. As a human being, you are both different and similar to others. The way you do things at work or at home will vary somewhat or markedly from others. There is no right or wrong way. Each person has strengths and weaknesses that show up in life and in work. 

Effective leadership communication starts with: 

  • Understanding how and in what way people can be different
  • Understanding your own unique individual behavioural style and how you impact others
  • Identifying the behavioural styles of others
  • How you can adjust or modify your communication style


The Extended DISC management system helps you to effectively interact to improve productivity and performance in the workplace. It can even help to understand better and respond positively to the behavioural dynamics in your family and personal life.

The Extended DISC is a psychometric tool that can be used to understand your strengths and areas for development, you natural and adjusted behavioural style, for recruitment, job hunting, and team building. It helps to assess whether you or your team are a “good fit” for your jobs or whether you would like to make changes in the current job look or for a career change. 

By completing an online short questionnaire, you can obtain a comprehensive report on your unique behavioural style, chart your natural unconscious style and your adjusted behavioural style. From this assessment, you can work with your coach on identified personal and professional development areas. If you are working in a team or leading a team, you may wish to have the whole team complete the questionnaire and receive an Extended DISC Team Report.

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