When Stress Comes to Call

In my world, the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining today. I have eaten a healthy breakfast and can look forward to a warm bed to sleep in tonight. I love and am loved. I can take time to rest, socialise, sleep well, exercise and plan my contributions in the service of others. […]

How To Get Smart and Stay Smart Emotionally

Tough love is a concept most often used in parenting courses that denotes the ability to encourage responsibility from a foundation of deep love for another person. Empathy in the workplace can be seen as a form of tough love. Yet it is so often mistaken for something we do that allows someone to get […]

Relationships Matter

“Observe and listen for the truth in a relationship. Friendship is a responsibility towards another person. It is made to last”. What have we learnt about the way we make friends, keep friends and change friends during the COVID pandemic? It is natural to want to have relationships with other people, to feel connected, to […]