The Process

Discovery Session

StartAnew offer a free initial discovery session. This can be done over the phone, via Facetime, Skype or over a coffee. The discovery session allows us to understand your particular needs and assist you to develop a solution to suit your circumstances. We also discuss the relevant processes and strategies involved in life coaching.   Referrals may also be recommended.  StartAnew works with a range of professionals to achieve excellent results for you.

Coaching Sessions

Normally 5 -10 sessions are recommended. During these sessions your values and goals are identified and an action plan developed and implemented.  The plan is a call to action on whatever changes you identify.  Your action plan builds on your individual strengths and inner resources to address blockages and achieve measureable change.  It is up to you to take action.  Your coach supports you to be the best possible version of yourself and challenges you to be accountable. Goals will be assessed as achievable based on progress measured through self-monitoring, achievement of milestones and 360 degree feedback.

Follow Up Sessions

Your life is a work in progress.  The adult life journey is complex with many twists and turns, setbacks and unexpected successes.  Follow up sessions are always available to work on new priorities, celebrate achievements, review your goals and values, build upon your action plan and recalibrate your future.

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