Career Coaching

In today’s diverse and competitive workplace, career coaching can give you an edge.  Whether you’re looking for your dream job, happy with your current job and just want to move to the next level or you’re looking to get out of a job you hate, career coaching can help find the best way forward.  Be ready for anything.

Career coaching is about identifying and establishing your professional goals now and in the future.  This is followed by creating and executing a plan.  Good career coaching will help you in making career decisions and overcoming obstacles, better understand your needs, motivations and use them positively for greatest impact. We can also assist you with practical skills such as job hunting, interview preparation, and presentation skills to land the job that you are seeking.

You’re in charge of your future, your career coach is here to help you develop the strategies to maximise your professional prospects. 

Career Coaching can help you: 

  • Understand what job satisfaction means to you
  • Find out what motivates you
  • Develop a realistic career path
  • Overcome blockers and remain positive
  • Identify professional development opportunities
  • Find meaning and purpose in your workplace
  • Develop job skills and career advancement strategies
  • Maintain positivity and resilience
  • Learn to address challenges and solve problems

Are you happy at work?

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“I had the opportunity in to work with Karen Freedman as a Career Coach and later to participate in a personal Introduction to her Leadership and Performance Program. I would like to say how much I learnt about myself and my management and leadership style during these sessions. I especially enjoyed our sessions on Motivational Mapping and would highly recommend this to anyone who works as a manager of people. The insight gained was invaluable and will assist me in getting the most out of any team” 

HR Manager - Catholic Education

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