How it Works

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching assists individuals to clarify values, set goals, take action, build on skills and strengths and achieve measurable changes in relation to life challenges.  Life coaching starts with you.  By taking stock and looking at every aspect of your life: personal, spiritual, financial, cultural, social, career, relationships and health and wellness, you decide on what to work on and what strategies may work for you.

StartAnew empowers individuals to improve their self-awareness, identify blockages, and unlock innate creativity and resourcefulness to respond to change or make change happen.  Life coaching is action oriented, future and solution focused.

The Process

Discovery Session

StartAnew offer a free initial discovery session. This can be done over the phone, via Facetime, Skype or over a coffee. The discovery session allows us to understand your particular needs and assist you to develop a solution to suit your circumstances. We also discuss the relevant processes and strategies involved in life coaching. Referrals may also be recommended.  StartAnew works with a range of professionals to achieve excellent results for you.

Coaching Sessions

Normally 5 -10 sessions are recommended. During these sessions your values and goals are identified and an action plan developed and implemented.  The plan is a call to action on whatever changes you identify.  Your action plan builds on your individual strengths and inner resources to address blockages and achieve measureable change.  It is up to you to take action.  Your coach supports you to be the best possible version of yourself and challenges you to be accountable. Goals will be assessed as achievable based on progress measured through self-monitoring, achievement of milestones and 360 degree feedback.

Follow Up Sessions

Your life is a work in progress.  The adult life journey is complex with many twists and turns, setbacks and unexpected successes.  Follow up sessions are always available to work on new priorities, celebrate achievements, review your goals and values, build upon your action plan and recalibrate your future

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“Karen has an amazing wealth of wisdom, insight, experience, empathy, intelligence creative and critical thinking that makes her an exceptional coach.  She continuously strives for mastery in everything she does and understanding this process so personally for her and with the many people she has worked with over the years, sets up an ideal coaching environment for success for each person she works with now.  I’m proud to have Karen as a trusted colleague and am grateful to have someone so talented to refer work to”. 

Leadership Development Specialist - Western Sydney Local Health District

Health and wellness

Health is more than the absence of illness but a state of complete mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Improving your health and wellness strengthens resolve, improves self-esteem and motivation.

Nourishing the self creatively and improving mind body awareness is integral to our approach.

StartAnew works with individuals in their homes and workplace to:

  • Undertake health and wellness assessments and identify priorities
  • Develop and implement self-care plans based on achievable goals at your own pace
  • Work on nutrition, sleeping patterns, relaxation, healthy eating and exercise goals
  • Develop mind body awareness to better manage life stressors
  • Develop positive adaptations to health challenges such as ageing or chronic dis-ease
  • Develop creativity and foster leisure time
  • Take action for health and wellbeing in the home, in the workplace, in your life.

Health and wellness

Managing change and major life transitions

Life transitions are multi-dimensional covering the changing relationships of the self to: partner, family, career, leisure, friends, and the community. 

Change can be as simple as moving house or as challenging as job loss, bereavement, divorce, menopause or chronic disease. Sometimes we want to make a change in our life but don't know where to start.  At other times, a change is bestowed on us.  In both cases we need a road map for the future.

StartAnew works with men and women facing major life transitions by assisting them to:

  • Recreate a sense of self and identity in response to change.
  • Understand the cycle of change, where you are now and where you want to be.
  • Choose a positive response to make a specific change happen (e.g. career, lifestyle, and health) in your life.
  • Respond to major transitions by moving through the change and renewing your sense of purpose.
  • Access creativity to tell or retell the life story, to create new stories and identify new opportunities for the future.
  • Move through change to a better life.

Life Transitions


StartAnew assists you to reinvent your managerial and leadership style as fit for purpose in the 21st century.  This requires mindset, attitudinal and behavioural change to respond to virtual workplaces, international communications, innovation, the knowledge economy and fostering human relationships as central to productivity.  You are your greatest asset so worth the investment.

StartAnew works with you to be the best possible version of yourself by:

  • Developing job skills and capabilities
  • Reaching optimal performance
  • Building leadership and management capability
  • Collaborative knowledge sharing
  • Goal focused feedback
  • Solution focused conversations
  • Take action. Make way for the 21st century.

Performance Coaching


StartAnew aims to position you for the workforce of the future. In today's world it is no longer enough to have single career path. 

Job seekers need to be agile, flexible and responsive to their environment.  Old style hierarchies are not the way of the future.  Leadership styles have changed.  Career paths are less predictable.  Career coaching can help equip you to make the best of your training and learn new skills.

StartAnew embraces the prospect of many work lives within a single lifetime by helping you to:

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Play to your talent and values
  • Understand what motivates you
  • Plan your career for the future
  • Take action by living up to your potential

Career Coaching

StartAnew protects the privacy of personal information

In providing coaching services to individuals, Start Anew may need to collect and record personal information from you that is relevant to your current situation.

To protect the privacy of individuals who consent to coaching, your coach will seek your informed consent regarding the collection and storage of personal information. You will also be informed about professional responsibilities regarding confidentiality.

You may wish and/or have a copy of the material recorded in your file upon request, subject to the exceptions in Australian Privacy Principle (APPs). The APP sets out standards, rights and obligations for the handling, holding, accessing and correction of personal information (including sensitive information).


As a member of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Coaching (ANZI) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF), your coach follows guidelines about professional conduct, responsibilities and confidentiality that are set out by these professional organisations.

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